Day: September 22, 2020

Business telephone systems | Convergence Communications

Business telephone systems | Convergence Communications – There are three major technologies behind the development of Business Telephone Systems; converged, modular and hybrid systems. The converged Business Telephone Systems utilizes the hardware and software of the two previous systems. The modular Business Telephone Systems is based on the software and hardware from each of the other two systems. Then there is the hybrid Systems that combines the advantages of each of the other two systems.

Communications business telephone systems

Each of the Business Telephone Systems are designed to provide the user with a high level of functionality. Each of the three main modules of these Systems offer a full set of communication features including voice over IP, internet dialing, conference call, conferencing, video conferencing and Voice Mail. They are all designed to be very flexible in use and provide all the features the users need. These modules also enable the user to add on to the basic system as required to extend the capabilities of the system. Each module has the ability to handle multiple calls at one time.

Convergence Communications is another type of Business Telephone Systems. The convergent Business Phone Systems is the result of integrating the converged system with the modular or hybrid Business Telephone Systems. The modular or hybrid Business Phone Systems are also designed to offer the user the full range of functionality of a traditional PBX system. Each of the two main modules provide you with a complete solution for your business communications requirements.