A Review of Chicken Pellets NZ

A Review of Chicken Pellets NZ

chicken pellets nz

Chicken pellets NZ is a company established in 1997 in New Zealand by outgoing young couple, David Bothwell and Ruth Vallance. They decided to start the business after Bothwell developed a love for all things chicken from growing up in rural New Zealand. So they decided to create a chicken feed for those who love to eat chicken but can’t always get to a local chicken coop. The business has been growing ever since and it now supplies chicken feed and recipes to people all over the country.

Chicken Pellets NZ

The chicken pellets NZ product range includes poultry pellets for chickens, ducks, geese, ostriches, quails, songbirds and partridge. The product also includes quality supplements for your birds and their eggs. These are available in a variety of flavours and they also have a variety of quality chicken products for people who like to cook with fresh chicken. The main product is a premium chicken and poultry nutritional supplement which can be used as a snack food, a healthy meal replacement or to add a little additional nutrition to your chickens’ feed. They also offer dietary health supplements and products for fish, sheep, dairy cattle and pig.

The chicken pellets NZ product has been hyped extensively on the internet and television but what is the real story behind it? There are so many people who rely on these pellets that it must be a good product or they wouldn’t be such a hit. I recently bought some for my chickens and was surprised at how good they were. I would highly recommend this brand of chicken feed to others who are looking for a good chicken source but don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a pack of feeds.

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