Day: March 26, 2021

Finding The Best Things To Do In Manhattan Beach, California

best things to do in manhattan beach

Best Things To Do In Manhattan Beach include riding the wave, playing beach volleyball, checking out the local art galleries, or just taking a walk on the ocean. A few minutes from Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach is easily accessible via the Pacific Coast Highway, which links Orange County’s top most beaches in Laguna Beach, California. Located about five miles west of Laguna Beach, Manhattan Beach has always been a favorite getaway spot for Hollywood celebrities and movie stars. You can check out a movie at one of the many theaters in Manhattan Beach or rock out with live music performed by the talents in the area.

The best things to do in Manhattan Beach include visiting the various attractions and checking out the local shops, galleries and restaurants. The Strand bicycle path, which winds around the ocean front between large mansions and thick expanses of sandy sand, is a popular bicycling trail among locals and tourists. Low-key Manhattan Beach Pier offers a unique and fun experience watching live waves wash up on the pier. There are also a few parks, and a small outdoor area with brunch bars, vintage shops and other creative, upscale eateries. If you like to fish, try the various piers that have changed into watermills during the winter season.

If you’re a golf nut, you can practice your swing on the many lush greens found in Manhattan Beach. The beach also has a variety of parks and other attractions to offer. Many restaurants also serve lunch and dinner. Overall, Manhattan Beach can be great for a family outing, or a romantic get-away with your significant other.