Day: September 15, 2021

Using Darts Stems for dart shafts

Darts stems are the wooden handles or ends of a darts board. Unlike other types of wood, such as oak, cherry, or birch, darts stems are actually made from compressed sawdust or sand and then painted or varnished to resemble different types of wood, with different colored stains applied depending on the wood used. The different types of wood used to create the handles include maple (alder, chestnut, black walnut), ash, hazel, cherry, teak, rosewood, and bamboo.

How to Using Darts Stems for dart shafts

darts stems

Darts stems differ from the darts shafts in that they are not hollow. Instead, the ends have bumps or ridges to provide a grip for holding the darts. There are four different types of handles, namely claw, spring, loop, and smooth. Claw and spring ends have larger bumps and ridges while smooth ends have smaller ridges and no bumps.

Darts stems are often used as bases for plastic ones as well as wooden ones. Most of the time, the ends of the stem are bent into the shape of the dart, which makes it easier for the player to hold. Different styles of plastic darts come with their own unique styles. Apart from the plastic ones, other styles such as the bean bag ones are also available in v-shaped and I-shaped.