Construction Services Offered Through Design and Build

Construction Services Offered Through Design and Build

Design and construction services, also known as design and build, is an integrated process used in the building industry. It is essentially a system to deliver a building to the customer using only one set of tools and materials, rather than multiple ones. In the design and build process, an original idea for a building design is conceived, and based upon this idea an initial quote is given for the cost of the building and any specifications that have to be met before construction can begin. The design and build team then meets with the client at the proposed site for a dialogue to discuss the specifics of the project, including a time frame for completion. The design and build team then makes recommendations to the client in regard to all elements of the project, as well as provide the technical information that is required for construction to take place. View more info here

Construction Services Offered Through Design And Build: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

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A typical design-bid-build (DBO) process follows four steps. The first step is for the project manager to develop and submit a bid to the construction firm that is being considered for the contract. This bid is reviewed by either the prospective client or another firm that is not the potential client. Once the other firm chooses to proceed with the contract, the second step occurs; the bid is either accepted or rejected.

Once the bid has been either accepted or rejected, it becomes a design-build contract. Step three of the design-build process takes place at this point, and is the primary method for contracting a specific amount of work (a maximum quote). Step four of the construction process is the implementation of the bid. Once this is complete the original contract is terminated, and a new one is established with the new company. The D&C services provided by design-build firms are typically incorporated into a single contract between the customer and the construction firm, which then provides them with the opportunity to negotiate additional terms and specifications.

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